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    Pick Your Pack

    Choose your favorite sous vide chicken flavors—Lemon & Herb, Creamy Chipotle, Original, or Korean BBQ.

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    Thaw & Open

    Leave ChiKing in the fridge overnight to thaw or defrost in a water bath for a few minutes in a pinch, and it's ready!

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    Add to your next meal and get ready to enjoy a fresh, flavorful, and easy 30 g of protein.

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Lemon & Herb Freshness

Taste the bright and refreshing notes of lemon mixed with a bouquet of garden herbs.

Creamy Chipotle Kick

Savory with a creamy twist, this flavor brings a warm, smoky kick that’s hard to resist.

Savory Korean BBQ

Delight in the rich, sweet, and tangy flavors typical of a Korean BBQ experience.

Original: Classic Goodness

Very lightly seasoned and ready to pair with any dish you'd like to enjoy- our Original flavor is a classic fave.

High-Protein, Ready-to-Eat: ChiFam’s Meal Prep Solution

Pre-Cooked Ease

Skip the cooking – ChiFam’s authentic Korean sous vide chicken breast is served fully cooked for immediate enjoyment or quick reheating.

Packed with Protein

Each serving is loaded with high-quality protein to support your muscle growth and repair – vital nutrition that ChiFam delivers.

Pure Flavor

Our sous vide method seals in the chicken's natural juices, enhancing the taste without the need for excess seasoning or oils.


Embrace a healthier lifestyle with ChiFam’s chicken breast: a lean, heart-healthy option for your daily meals.

Marinated to Perfection

ChiFam’s chicken breast is not just cooked but marinated with a blend of spices that permeate every bite for maximum flavor.

Meal Prep Simplified

Save time without sacrificing quality; our chicken breast makes your meal prep quick, nutritious, and consistently delicious.

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