ChiKing: Sous Vide Chicken Breast

ChiKing: Sous Vide Chicken Breast

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What's the Difference?: 6 oz vs 4 oz

You spoke, and we listened! We've made some improvements to our bestselling 4 oz ChiKing and we're thrilled to announce our new 6 oz packs:

More protein, more satisfaction: 44-48 g of protein, 35% more than our 4 oz chicken breast

Better value: 20% less expensive per oz (this means more bang for your buck!)

Improved vacuum sealing packaging

Pre-Order: Save 15% + Free Shipping*

Due to unprecedented high demand, we've sold out! Thanks to the support of our community, we're now accepting PreOrders for 6 oz packs, with our restock expected by mid July. By PreOrdering, you'll:

-Be the first to receive your order

-Save 15% + Free Shipping on your first autoship order, and 10% + Free Shipping on following monthly orders. Cancel or skip anytime!

-Support an ethical small business with eco-friendly sustainable practices

**15% Off and Free Shipping available for a limited time only during PreOrder event. Thank you for your support!

Simplify Meal Prep with ChiFam

Meal prepping can be time-consuming, especially when cooking chicken from scratch. However, ChiFam offers a convenient solution with ready to eat, gourmet sous vide chicken breasts. Say goodbye to choosing between convenience or quality, with ChiKing.

Perfect for High Protein, Healthy Eating

With 44-48 grams of protein per 6oz serving, ChiFam's ready to eat sous vide chicken breasts are an excellent solution for helping you provide your body with the protein it needs.

Moreover, they provide a convenient, healthy option for busy professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and health-conscious families aiming to streamline how much time is spent in the kitchen.


PreOrder FulFillment: We will be fulfilling orders chronologically beginning July 15th-29th, and will keep you updated every step of the way on when you can expect your order. Shipping fulfillment will be based on the order we receive your purchase in.

Our shipping process ensures freshness, with orders dispatched on Mondays and Tuesdays. This way, we guarantee prompt delivery without weekend delays. (Shipping may be delayed depending on the order volume and the circumstances of the courier company) Our insulation is delivered in environmentally friendly packaging, ensuring the safeguarding of both your products and the planet. Recycling is not needed.

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ChiKing: Sous Vide Chicken Breast

ChiKing: Sous Vide Chicken Breast


Why PreOrder ChiFam Sous Vide Chicken?

  • Individually sealed, pre-portioned servings
  • Tender, flavorful chicken breast marinated, cooked sous-vide, and ready to eat
  • 44-48 g of protein per 6 oz pack
  • No Preservatives - Flash frozen to preserve freshness and has a frozen shelf life of 6 months in your freezer
  • Delivered to your door for ultimate convenience, with eco-friendly biodegradable packing
  • Save 15% + Free Shipping (for a limited time) on your PreOrder when you Subscribe and Save - Cancel Anytime
  • PreOrder FulFillment: We will be fulfilling orders chronologically (in the order that they were placed) beginning the end of July, and will keep you updated every step of the way on when you can expect your order.
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