Sous vide is "under vacuum" in French. This cooking technique utilizes precise temperature to deliver consistent, restaurant-quality results. Sous vide will create the most succulent product as compared to any other cooking methods. Food is vacuum-sealed in a special pouch marinated in low temperature for minimum 24 hours and slow-cooked in a water bath.

Benefits of Sous Vide

Better Taste & Texture:

Sous vide locks in moisture and flavor, resulting in juicy, tender, and delicious food.

Maximized Nutrition:

Controlled temperature and vacuum-sealed packaging help retain maximum nutrients, ensuring that your food is both tasty and healthy.

Less Fat

Sous vide eliminates the need for excess oil or fat, resulting in healthier, low-cholesterol meals.

More Protein

Precise temperature control helps prevent protein loss, ensuring that your meals are packed with muscle-building protein.

Cooking chicken breast at high temperatures results in tough and unpalatable meat. At the same time, it's also important to consider food safety when cooking poultry. To help ensure that your chicken is cooked to the appropriate temperature, we take into account the recommended cooking times provided by USDA based on reaching the desired core temperature.

Times for given temperature, fat level, and species needed to obtain 7-log10 lethality of Salmonella* Fat% = 5